The Best Food in Toronto

Check out the hottest trending dishes below:
Honey Glazed Pork Belly Medianoches (Taster: @dnabarca)

La Cubana Ossington

Kkhanpunggi Sweet & Spicy Chicken (Taster: @snackerup)

Cho Sun Ok

Grilled Octopus on Greek Salad (Taster: @ldamms)

Buster's Sea Cove

Nutella Bombolone | Croissant (Taster: @sudforno)

Sud Forno

Traditional Poutine | The Works Poutine: Sour Scream | Bacon | Chives | Cheese Curds | Gravy (Taster: @hungryduchess)

Poutini's House of Poutine

Apple Blossom Mini Pies (Taster: @blondeats)


Linguini Vongole: Manela Clams | Roasted Garlic | Chili Parsley | Lemon (Taster: _ Our neighbourhood Italian friends never disappoint - Check out!

Little Anthony's

Peanut Butter & Jelly Greek Frozen Yoghurt (Taster: @lkazman)

Grk Ygrt

Pulpo a la Veracruzana: Octopus | Veracruz sauce | House Made Bolillo Bread | Pickled Jalapeño (Taster: _ Chef Elia Herrera's new menu is on fire Who needs to fly to Mexico when you have Los Colibris

Los Colibris

Nutella Oreo French Toast (Taster: @danielsliwin)

What A Bagel – Spadina

Ice Cream Sundae (Taster: @w.lailai)

Poop Café

Ultimate Acai Bowl: Acai | Vegan Protein | Bananas | Chia Seeds| Goji Berries | Coconut | Granola | Almond Butter (Taster: @jobeaux)


Kinder Bueno Stuffed in a Chocolate Chip Cookie (Taster: @cookiescoop) _ Visit to order these delicious treats online!

Cookie Scoop

Tuna Poke (Taster: @6ixsushi) _ Check out our full review on North Poke. Link in BIO.

North Poke

Homemade Banquet Burger (Taster: @properlarge)

Golden Star Restaurant

Churro Pancakes (Taster: _ This boozy Mexican brunch is available every Saturday starting at 11am - follow @elcabillito for more info!

El Caballito

• Free Pizza Contest Below • Assorted Pizza Pies (Taster: @shannoneleven) _ We’re giving away FREE Margherita Pizzas courtesy of @queenmarghertapizza in honour of - click the link in our BIO to enter the contest - _ Winners will be contacted via email within the next 24 hours. Good luck!

Queen Margherita Pizza

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Taster: @sweetsandeatstoronto)

Le Gourmand

Montreal Smoked Meat | Fries | Coleslaw | Pickle (Taster: @blakewyatt190)

Pancer's Original Deli

Sweet & Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich: Kimchi | Lettuce | Pickles | Cilantro | Green Onion Mayo (Taster: @porchettaandco)

Porchetta & Co.