The Best Food in Toronto

Check out the hottest trending dishes below:
Smashed Avo with Fried Egg (Taster: @lizwaknine)

Baddies Toronto

Baja Fish Taco: Habanero Sauce | Fries Baja Fish | Slaw (Taster: @socialdelicious)

Seven Lives – Tacos y Mariscos

The Big Cluck: Fried Chicken | Lettuce | Pickles | Onions | Cheese | Mac Sauce (Taster: @pgclucks)

PG Clucks

Judgement Day: Beef Patty | Fried Portobello Mushroom | Cheese | Lettuce | Onion | Tomato (Taster: @fred.bk)

Burger's Priest

Date Balls: Almonds | Walnuts | Coconut Oil | Coconut Flakes | Dried Cherries | Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free (Taster: @rosiesto)


Fish Waffle stuffed with Red Bean: Black Sesame Ice Cream | Ginger Ice Cream (Taster: @being.airicah)

Red Bean Waffle House

Spinach Narguesi: Sunny Side Eggs | Spinach | Crispy Onions | Feta Cheese | Olives | Grape Tomatoes || Paneer Boroshteh: Sunny Side Eggs | Halloumi Cheese & Garlic || Guisavah: Sunny Side Eggs | Dates | Walnuts (Taster : @donna.fung)

Takht-E Tavoos

Lobster Grilled Cheese | Melted Gruyere | Fresh Lobster (Taster: @thekriks)

Market Street Catch

Eva's Oroginal Chimney (Taster: @greeneggsandhamont)

TURF – Toronto Urban Roots Fest

Chitarra Norcina: Italian Sausage | Black Truffle Shavings | Chitarra Spaghetti (Taster: @tonylancia)

La Bettola di Terroni

Vanilla Cannoli (Taster: @jrubino4)

TURF – Toronto Urban Roots Fest

Crispy Calamari | Prosciutto Aioli | Honey Spiked Chili Drizzle (Taster: @missquan16)

Wish Restaurant

Kale Salad (Taster: @foodgoalsto)

Gusto 101

BBQ Ribs | Brisket | Mac & Cheese | Sausage | Beans | Broccoli & Quinoa | Chicken (Taster: @coreycott @joshhoward99)

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

Fish & Chips: Haddock | Poutine | Caesar Salad (Taster: @snackerup)

Golden Crisp Fish & Chips

Butter Chicken | Naan | Basmati Rice | Raita | Daal | Papadum | Rice Pudding | Onion Bhajia (Taster: @tofoodgal)

Banjara Indian Cuisine

Key West Eggs: Prawns | Avocado | Tomato | Grilled Focaccia | Hollandaise | Asiago (Taster: @judyyu15)

Stoney's Bread Company

Bagel with Cream Cheese & Pastrami Lox: Pumpernickel Bagel | Cream Cheese | Pastrami Smoked Salmon | Pickled Dill Cucumber | Red Onion | Capers | Tomato (Taster: @ihartnutrition)

Schmaltz Appetizing

Birthday Cake & Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar (Taster: @6sidefood)

Sweet Olenka's

Acai Bowls (Taster: @ldamms)

The Grow-Op