The Best Food in Toronto

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Celebrating with our younger sister, @tastemontreal who just hit 30K followers! Follow them for the tastiest eats in _ Traditional Poutine (Taster: @shameonseamus)

Montréal Pool Room

Hue Spicy Beef Noodle Soup: Beef Shank | Rice Vermicelli | Hue Spicy Beef Broth (Taster: @pho.king.fabulous)

Pho King Fabulous

• Free Delivery Offer Below • BBQ Duck Wonton Soup (Taster: @edeneats) _ Order this and many more delicious meals delivered using @favour! Use promo code ‘TasteToronto’ for free delivery on your first order.

King's Noodle Restaurant

• Contest Below • Gelato Paninno: Toasted Brioche Bun | Peanut Butter & Jelly Gelato (Taster: @tremaribakery) _ Get your own Gelato Flavour featured on @tremaribakery menu and win free Gelato Paninno - here’s how: _ 1. Suggest a new gelato flavour in a comment below 2. Follow @tremaribakery instagram account _ Winner will receive a direct message.

Tre Mari Bakery

Siena Margherita Pizza: Fior Di Latte | Bufala Mozzarella | Parmesan | Olive Oil | Fresh Basil | Tomato Sauce | Sesame Seed Crust (Taster: @chewtoronto)

Maker Pizza

• Contest Below • Thanks to everyone who came out to the inaugural - we’re already counting down the days until next year. The event was a huge success, and we owe a big part of that to you! Also, a very big thank you to the staff, venue & vendors involved in making the weekend one to remember. We're looking forward to hosting everyone again next year at Taco Fest 2017. See you there! ️ _ Vote for your favourite taco at Taco Fest and win VIP taco tickets for life - LINK IN BIO

Taco Fest Toronto

Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream | Chocolate Dip | Pistachio Crumble (Taster: @stephenin_to)

La Diperie

Buffalo Shrimp Roll (Taster: @jonathandouglasoc)

The Citizen

Veal Parmesan Sangouche | Sampling this delicious sandwich courtesy of @pianopianotherestaurant with @AmericanExpress Canada

Taste of Toronto

Thank you Amex Canada for access for this delicious sushi courtesy of Miku Sushi

Taste of Toronto

• Online Order Info Below • Cookiepizza: Nutella Sauce | Kit Kat | Mini Oreos | Ferrero Rocher | Mini Eggs (Taster: @cookiescoop) _ Visit the ONLINE STORE to create your own and get $5.00 off your order -

Cookie Scoop

• Free Delivery Offer Below • Neapolitan Margherita Pizza (Taster: @thekriks) _ Order this and many more delicious meals delivered using @favour! Use promo code ‘TasteToronto’ for free delivery on your first order.

Pi Co.

• New Restaurant Opening • Bulgogi Sliders | Pizza Tteokbokki Rice Cakes | Taiwanese Fried Chicken | Kimchi Ravioli (Taster: @brianji94) _ Click link in BIO to see our full profile on @te_toronto

@TasteofToronto is just one week away! Can’t wait to take in some of the best dishes in city! _ Thank you Amex for providing Cardmembers with - Learn more about Amex sponsored events and discover more memorable moments this summer at

Taste of Toronto

• Contest Below • Mac & Cheese Taco (Vendor: @junkedfoodco) - thanks to everyone who came out to this weekend! _ Click the link in our BIO to vote for your favourite taco you tried this weekend for your chance to win VIP Taco Fest tickets for life!

Taco Fest Toronto

Fresh Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Caramel (Vendor: @fondalola)

Taco Fest Toronto

Carolina Fried Chicken Taco & @favour Hot Sauce Bar

Taco Fest Toronto

Cowboy Brisket Taco | Fried Chicken Taco | Mushroom Poblano Taco (Vendor: @fidelgastros) _ Follow 'TasteToronto' on snapchat for live updates and fiesta footage! Our boy @davekeystone will be hosting and we guarantee you first class entertainment !

Taco Fest Toronto

Taco Fest 2016 is here! Can’t wait to get our Taco on this weekend at 99 Sudbury. Get your photos re-posted this weekend using our official hashtag: _ Saturday and Sunday tickets are 100% sold out - limited tickets available on Friday (Ticket link in BIO). _ Note: Admission tickets must be purchased online. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Taco Fest Toronto

• Contest Below • Bacon Mac & Cheese | Fried Chicken with Fries (Taster: @charlieharila) _ Want to experience a #SuiteSummerWithThompson? Enter to win a 2 night stay at any @ThompsonHotels of your choice by sharing your best summer travel or summer eats photo! _ Here’s how to win: _ 1. Follow @ThompsonHotels 2. Tag a friend in the comments below 3. Share your image with the hashtag *Winners will be announced June 17th, June 24th and July 1st

Thompson Toronto